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Your Plan for the Season

Come and join us - with the wide variety of group courses we offer, one will surely be right for you.

Beginning from the beginning, beginning students may begin with our Beginners group course, graduating upwards to become one of our Advanced students. You may choose from intensive or non-intensive, whichever you need or prefer, as both are available year-round. Enjoy the four seasons at IKO; our course programs follow the yearly divide: Winter (January, February, March), Spring (April, May, June), Summer (July, August, September) and Fall (the end of September, October, November and December).

When you extend your studies for more than one season, you will promoted onwards to higher levels of course work in accordance with your proficiency level. Need to take a break between seasons? We understand. Consider an individual course in the meantime, our special full immersion ImmerActive program, or rejoin us in the next season, as your schedule permits.

Our group courses take place onsite at IKO, located at Kopernika 3 (a map ). For schedule details, visit our four Seasons information pages.

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